The 5 most beautiful beaches in Italy

Finally summer, the season that many of us, including myself, wait all year. Here it is, in a moment it is here and in this season made of travel I would recommend an exclusive 20% coupon between the various Groupon discount codes  of, so you can save a little bit on your holidays. Are you ready to discover the five most beautiful beaches in Italy? 

With its transparent waters and its very white pebbles, Tonnarella is one of the wonders of the Zingaro Nature Reserve, the first Sicilian reserve established in 1979.

Cala dell’Uzzo is paradise as I imagine it, uncontaminated and completely surrounded by lush nature and very far from the noise of the city. The beach is small, intimate, about 150 meters along which white pebbles shine in the sun. Swimming in this crystalline water conveys a strange sensation, it seems almost to fly for the clarity of these waters.

Here in the Zingaro Nature Reserve from San Vito lo Capo to Castellammare del Golfo, there are seven kilometers of parkland along which you will find, as in a precious necklace, another six beautiful bays: Cala dell’Uzzo, Cala Marinella, Cala Beretta, Cala del Varo and Cala Caprera.

How to get? Here are some -> directions 

2: Arco Magno – San Nicola Arcella – Calabria

This is a special place, not reachable by car, a place that you must earn step by step or at most with a   pedal boat. It can be reached on foot from the nearby and equipped beach of the Arco Magno ( where it is located ) with about 15 minutes of walking along a beautiful path or south, from the parking near the Bar Furano using the iron ladder nearby. 

To say that the beach is Caribbean is obvious and inaccurate, the Magno arch and its beach are much nicer.

The place is characterized by a rock arch, where a crystalline sea enters whose depth is visible at more than five meters of depth. This beach is another Italian treasure that I wish to discover sooner or later, if you have not already done so.

3: Cala Mariolu – Sardinia

In this list could not miss the beautiful Sardinia with its blue sea and its priceless natural treasures. Surely, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy is Cala Mariolu.   A pearl of the Gulf of Ortisei, located in the central-eastern coast of Sardinia. Composed of white and pink pebbles, this is also a very intimate beach, as the English would say, secluded.

If you like me bored to spend hours sunbathing, I recommend a dip in the blue, indeed, in a real painting of colors. Since I put on the snorkeling mask and I dived, I spent hours exploring the seabed and the marine life belonging to the fragile ecosystem of our beaches.

4: Marina Grande, Positano – Campania

Surely the beautiful beaches in the area of ​​Positano are not lacking, in fact, but if I had to choose one, Marina Grane is undoubtedly my favorite. From here the view of the hundreds of colorful houses that characterize the stupendous village of Positano, make everything even more magical and unique.

The beach is almost 250 meters long, surrounded by a crystal clear sea, it is one of the most famous of the Amalfi coast.

In Marina Grande there is no shortage of bathing establishments where you can find every comfort and maybe rent a kayak for a wonderful excursion on a coast that you discover step by step, in fact, paddling after paddling.

5: Torre dell’Orso – Melendugno – Puglia

Even Puglia, as it should be, has had a place on this list. Salento is dotted with beautiful places, it is certainly not just my personal opinion since beauty is not subjective.

In its immaculate transparency, I present the beautiful Torre dell’Orso whose beach stretches for almost a kilometer between two cliffs from where you can admire the famous faraglioni called “The Two Sisters”.

But it is the fine sand and the pinewood behind the dunes that frame this place giving postcard shots.

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