5 things to do in Lignano

Do you know the bucket list? It’s simply a list of dreams, goals and things to do before … it’s too late. I believe in the usefulness of a “wish list”; it is a way to live life to the fullest without wasting time, with the motivation to achieve your goals.

Taken from the desire of summer, I decided to create my personal list of the ten things to do at the seaside in a weekend and I chose Lignano Sabbiadoro as a destination especially for what it has to offer.

1: Try the Sup

I’ve always liked new sports, or at least new ones. After watching some videos on YouTube of beautiful girls who nimbly rowed over a table, I decided to try it too, is called Sup. No, it is not the typical soup of Lignano Sabbiadoro, SUP stands for stand up paddle, a species d crossing between the canoe and the surf.

The long beach of Lignano offers numerous possibilities to rent windsurfs and boards from Sup, how can you not take advantage of it? The Adriatic Sea last week was a table, there were no waves that disturbed me and after some attempts to find the balance I was able to stand on the table. What is felt is the complete sense of freedom, the ability to move easily in water and explore, pushing ever further.

The facilities that offer this experience -> Lignanosabbiadoro.it

Here, I expected to hear the air pockets, to fall into the water, be afraid of you. None of this: you start sitting behind a motorboat, when the parachute swells in a moment, you take the flight, without jolts, without loss of altitude, you just get up to 30 meters. From there the view over Lignano is nothing short of, as well as exciting, truly spectacular.

Here is some information on the facilities that offer -> this experience

3: A kayak ride

Kayaking is one of the sports that I prefer for the opportunity to see in complete freedom areas not accessible by other means. Not far from Lignano Sabbiadoro is the Regional Natural Reserve of the Foci of the Stella river, an excellent place to paddle to discover the old fishermen’s houses, passing under the typical scales, discovering a unique ecosystem of its kind.

4: Visit the casoni of Marano Lagunare

In Kayak you can reach a real natural oasis where time has literally stopped: the casoni of Marano Lagunare – located between Lignano Sabbiadoro and the lagoon of Grado – in a natural area where many species of fish and birds live.

Here time has literally stopped. These houses, built with the materials available in the area at that time, served as a refuge for fishermen. Today, these buildings can not be sold or bought, let alone change, the houses can only be owned by father the son, keeping the tradition. Here it seems to explore an open-air museum, in a lagoon between greenery and sea.

More information on this -> lagoon experience

5: Cycling on the waterfront

Although I am not a lover of the bicycle and I prefer to move on foot, pedaling at sunset along the promenade of Lignano Sabbiadoro was undoubtedly a good experience. Accompanied by a long bike path that runs along the long tongue of sand, I noticed that really, especially with the warm lights of the sunset, the sand here seems golden. Among the umbrellas at rest and the bathing establishments where you play live, interesting places I discover with every ride, until the sun sets a different Lignano.

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