How much must we travel to be happy?

You have just returned from a long journey and would like to start instantly for who knows what other exotic destination; you get lost dreaming in front of the windows of travel agencies; your library is full of tourist guides … There is little to say: you are an incurable globetrotter and, if there were no family work, etc., you would spend most of the year wandering around the five continents.

But since not everyone can live as a travel blogger, at the end of each trip you see yourself forced to downsize your ambitions. So go fancy, longing for the next tour that you can give yourself at Christmas or Easter. So, as soon as you come back from vacation, you unpack your bags and within a couple of days you have already booked a low-cost flight to the capital you never visited.

Thinking about the next trip will calm you down , you have already begun to relish it, book the most romantic B&B well in advance and download pages of information from the web. But how many trips should you do each year to be happy? Good question, but with a complicated answer. Various factors must be taken into consideration.

First of all, the money available . It is true, traveling costs. But it depends on how you do it. Today, thanks to apps and portals that compare rates , there are many ways to save on flights, hotels and car rentals. Without considering increasingly widespread hospitality formulas such as “home exchange”. All this makes traveling holidays, even on the other side of the world, much more accessible than in the past.

Even the excuse “I have too few holidays” holds up to a certain point . It is true that non-working periods are limited, but it always depends on the choices you make . Spending the three weeks on the coast under the umbrella can be a respectable option, but then you shouldn’t complain about not having the time to go around the world ..

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