Jesolo by bicycle

This Venetian city is located at the extreme east of the sandy tongue that constitutes the mythical lagoon of Venice. Jesolo has more than 130000 tourists who rank it among the first Adriatic seaside choices for the services offered, for its long golden beach, super equipped and especially for nightlife.

As the famous song by Jarabe De Palo says, “where do you look at the world, everything depends” and today, I would like to talk to you about Jesolo seen on two wheels.

In fact, there are 500 kilometers of cycle paths that make it a perfect city for bicycle lovers.

The municipality of Jesolo has created twelve well-marked cycle routes: these are different routes that allow you to explore the city and the naturalistic areas of great beauty in complete tranquility. What are my favorites?

Orange path

This path has a length of 24 km that will take you to the discovery of the river Sile up to the nearby seaside resort Cavallino.

Starting from via Bafile, in the center of Jesolo Lido, you can reach the dirt road that runs along both Sile riverbanks in a few minutes. It’s a fairly easy itinerary and it’s really difficult to get lost, just follow the river! The real magic of this route is along the path of the right bank of the Sile, where you will seem to find yourself suspended between the river and the lagoon and, pedaling after pedaling, you will admire the beauties that characterize it making it unique in the world.

Here you can download the route in PDF .

Pink route

This 17 km route starts from the nearby Cortellazzo, once a fishing village, located near the mouth of the Piave river. The route passing through Ca ‘Pirami reaches the right bank of the Piave river along a shady path and then arrives in the middle of the green. In this area you will experience that feeling that I call “immensity” when the view sweeps up to the horizon among the endless expanses of Venetian cultivations.

Here you can download the route in PDF.

Green path

This is in my opinion one of the most scenic routes among those offered. The itinerary starts from via Drago located in the center of Jesolo Lido and in a few rides, will lead you along a dirt road that allows the exploration of the Venice lagoon among hundreds of species of birds and plants that characterize the territory, especially in the season spring. The green route requires travel on roads and even if not very frequented by cars, I recommend to always pay close attention ;-).

This is the link to download the PDF file of this path .

Yellow path

The journey is 27 km entirely dedicated to the city of Jesolo Lido. Following this itinerary you will discover the many squares of the city: from Piazza Manzoni to Faro, reaching Piazza Marina, Piazza Aurora and Piazza Mazzini until you reach the quiet Piazza Manzoni. Cycling through the streets of Jesolo, with the tranquility that only the bike paths can give, you can feel the vitality of this city: from the shopping streets to the quiet promenade that with its breeze caresses passing and cyclists.

This is the link to download the PDF file of this path .

Where to get the bikes for free

In Jesolo you can ride a bike for free thanks to the bike sharing service (bike sharing), 120 bikes are available to everyone. How does it work? It is necessary to have a special key issued by the offices of Jtaca (it is essential the identity card to request it) and to pick up the bike from one of the nineteen positions where they are parked. Easy and above all free!

For information on this service I leave you the official link of Bike Sharing Jtaca Jesolo

As an alternative to the bike sharing service I suggest you take advantage of the availability of numerous hotels (members of the Bike Hotel circuit) that make available to their customers bicycles for men, women and children, even with rear high chairs!

Where to sleep

Jesolo offers many possibilities for accommodation thanks to the presence in the city of hundreds of hotels, B & B, campsites and residences. For a good value for money I recommend the central Hotel Nettuno which is located in front of the beautiful waterfront Jesolo. The flagship of this structure, also very well reviewed on Tripadvisor, is its swimming pool park. They are perfect for a dip at sunset, to enjoy the sun on beautiful summer days or even to take advantage of a relaxing bath with bad weather in the “Winter Garden” thanks to the indoor heated pool designed for when out is a bit ‘ cooler.

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