Fidenza: what to see, what to do and what to taste.

Italy is the country of “typicality” that make cities, regions and places of our peninsula real discoveries. And between a country and the other that my passion leads me to explore, today I would like to take you where the Emilian heart beats: Fidenza to be seen and tasted.

l food

Fruit of the tradition and of territorial and climatic peculiarity, in this area the Parmigiano Reggiano is born . A unique and inimitable cheese, an Italian pride. And in this area it is possible to visit the dairies that produce it with the possibility to taste the Parmigiano Reggiano directly from the producer.

Moved by this curiosity, I visited the Ciaolatte company , certified organic for twenty years. Here they tell me that you can grow without pesticides or fertilizers, that for cows do not need antibiotics but I think that besides this, is the passion of those who take care of all the steps of this chain that allows you to get with love for the product, the legendary Parmigiano Reggiano loved and exported all over the world.

How to get to the company – Ciao Latte

Important appointments #borgofood

From October 5th to 9th in Fidenza, local flavors are celebrated between music and tradition. Dozens of events linked to the Emilia-Romagna agro-food tradition with more than 200 exhibitors and 350 products, show cooking, shows and meetings with producers, shows and music.

Last weekend I attended waiting for #Borgofood, it was a taste of the big party in early autumn. Among the stalls of typical local products you can breathe the scents of a land guarded by the dedication of the producers.

Architecture: the Duomo of Fidenza

It is banal to say that Fidenza is a city of art and culture or that it is the major center of the province after Parma. It is more interesting to know that it rises along the Via Francigena where pilgrims sit on the steps of one of the greatest jewels of architecture Romanesque – Po Valley: the Duomo of Fidenza .

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