Women traveling alone: ​​cancel these taboos

It is undeniable, on vacation – at least in Italy – conformism reigns. All away in the same period (preferably August), all boxed up in cars with the family or thirsty for fun with friends to Formentera or the Greek islands … A framework too schematic? Maybe. However, those who choose alternative holiday arrangements are often seen as extraterrestrials. An emblematic case: women traveling alone . Have you ever done it? Or do you simply imagine that such an experience could be possible, indeed beautiful?

Unfortunately, many instances are rowing against. Common places, prejudices, messages from the media that condition us and make us think that for us women traveling alone is dangerous , risky, uncomfortable. In short, inadvisable.

But often these are false myths, beliefs that we have in our mind but which do not correspond in any way to reality. And they make us give up a priori an experience that can be rich in encounters, stimuli, inner reflections and, above all, synonymous with absolute freedom .

We are afraid, for example, of finding ourselves, perhaps for two weeks, in complete solitude, having to contemplate breathtaking landscapes and spectacular works of art without being able to share their beauty with someone. A consideration clashes with the fact, real, that in the world there are more and more people (and women in particular) traveling alone , thanks to a whole series of conditions that make traveling and stays easier (from low cost flights the ease of booking hotels online, up to the possibility of circumventing language problems with Google): it is therefore very easy, during a trip, to meet other travelers and lone travelers with whom the classic question “where are you from?” a conversation, maybe take real friendships and even share part of the journey.

And if you think you are introverted and have difficulty attaching buttons, you will be amazed to realize how the complicity between “globe trotters” a thousand miles away from home is easily and fluidly established. Nothing to do with the intention of finding love on the other side of the planet: you don’t have to force yourself to be single to decide to take a backpack and go on an adventure , indeed. There may be different reasons: your boyfriend does not have enough holidays or does not want to visit a country that is in your heart or both of you decide to have a solo experience and then find yourself and share it.

And we come to the real block. Often the media throws crimes and violence at us that inevitably can involve tourists or tourists. They make the news, but if we consider the percentage incidence of these facts on the mass of visitors who enjoy journeys without incurring any problem, we would drastically reduce the risks. Of course, there are countries at war that must naturally be avoided . There are others in which the crime rate is higher than in Italy, but where it is possible to go by following the rules of common sense. Which are the same as when we go to an Italian city that we do not know: keep away from risky areas, avoid showing off jewels or provocative outfits, pay attention at night.

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