Lake Como Tour: itineraries and tips

The Lake Como is one of the places in our country renowned worldwide and tourists throughout the year who appreciate what abroad is called “Lake Como”

What I suggest in this post are some points and tips for a short tour of Lake Como with itineraries and tips.

#How to move

To turn the lake you can choose whether to use the car, but be careful because during the summer due to traffic and small spaces for parking in small villages the choice could be counterproductive while the bike is better suited to establish a direct relationship with the fresh lake air.

I feel, however, to suggest an additional means which is the boat , so you will have no problem with traffic or parking but especially you can admire the beautiful villas that overlook the lake while browsing.

For more information on the seasonal timetables and the different types of tickets, I leave the link to the site of the Navigazione Laghi Management 

# Como-Bellagio-Argegno-Pigra

To get to Bellagio I suggest you take one of the first hydrofoils of the day from Como (make a few stops with respect to the boat) so as to be at your destination in the middle of the morning. In this way you will have the chance to see the country with fewer tourists.

Directions to reach Bellagio -> Google Maps

Once you arrive at your destination head south, a few hundred meters you will find the entrance to the garden of Villa Melzi d’Eril , the variety of arboreal species is impressive. The advice is to visit the spring when the park is in full bloom and the bright colors contrast with the green of the meadows and the deep blue of the lake.

After visiting the garden, return to the town and look for the famous Salita Serbellonithat leads to the upper part of the town with shops and restaurants. Here you can have a quick snack and then continue a few hundred meters to the north in the direction of Punta Spartivento, or the point where the two branches of the lake come together , the place is very suggestive, you will find a restaurant and a small garden where you can relax a bit’.

In the early afternoon take the boat, the one that makes all the stops, so you can admire more closely the mountains that line the lake, the villages that cling to the afternoon light and the villas that become the protagonists of the landscape.

In Tremezzo you can see the splendid Villa Carlotta with its majestic garden to continue immediately with the sobriety of the luxurious Grand Hotel Tremezzo and its swimming pool in the lake. Subsequently you will divide the promontory of Lenno on which stands the splendid and renowned Villa del Balbianello, owned by the FAI, which stands on the tip of the promontory between wisteria and ancient trees.

Once you arrive at the village of Argegno head immediately to the church overlooking the lake, behind it a few tens of meters along the main road you find the funicular, less famous than the one that leads to Brunate, and climbs up to the small village of Pigra .

These are the directions to reach -> the funicular 

From here start several trekking routes, but what I recommend is to follow the belvedere, after a short walk in the woods you will come to admire a beautiful view from about 600 meters above the lake, from the promontory of Lenno to the island Comacina and villages of the opposite bank Lezzeno and Nesso.

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