Destinations in Florida for First-Time Backpackers

Florida is an adventure-friendly destination with its parks, beaches, and ecological sites. First-time backpackers may have a bucket of tourist spots and many things to do there.

Backpacking is an incredible choice for adventure. Two common reasons include making it handy and traveling light and hopping on from place to place. First-time backpackers will be apprehensive about packing things, language, and safety.

For backpacking, one may carry health-related accessories, light suits, sneakers, and wears based on the weather, location, and course. Some tips to avoid risks are being wary of things around, caring one’s belongings, staying away from strangers, using GPS to get around, and using one’s mobile and the Internet to know about the happenings. If concerned about knowing a language, one may use a language-learning platform, read language books, and get help from a linguistic fellow.

Here is a list of must-sees in Florida for first-time backpackers.

Orlando Theme Parks

If getting to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, there are only loads of fun and nothing to be anxious about. First-time visitors to these theme parks can enjoy rides, provided that they plan for their schedule, stay, transportation, and dining. A slew of entertainment, dining, and shopping options are in front of them there. Some things to do are taking rides, zips, and adventure shows. Wonderful spaces to romp around are the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and The Islands of Adventure. Attractions that can be easily headed from this theme park are Everglades, Kennedy Space Center, and TibetButler Nature Preserve. If you plan for a food trip from Orlando, go for steakhouses in Jacksonville, which takes only 2 hours to reach. Salento Steakhouse is the best steakhouse Jacksonville Fl restaurant.

Gulf Islands Natural Seashore

It is a 6-hour trip from Jacksonville. It is the largest natural preserve in Florida with maritime forests, wetlands, forts, and salt marsh habitats. First-time backpackers should take guided tours for not getting lost. A swathe of activities through guided tours include bird watching, kayaking, snorkeling and watching mattes, bicycling, camping, hiking, visiting historical sites, and hunting.

Miami Beach

Explore the art deco buildings in Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. It is amazing with a mix of architectural styles. The coastal city has many beaches, stylish buildings, museums, palm-fringed parks, and boutiques.

Hemingway Home

Visit the home of the great novelist Hemingway in Key West. This heritage site is home to his works and souvenirs including the six-toed cat.

Truman Little House

It is remarkable that the president residence has been the naval headquarters during the Spanish–American War and the World War. This government building is surrounded by tropical gardens and walkways. It showcases his official trip logs and presidential logs.

Fort Zachary Taylor

This historical park includes Fort Taylor, a red fort built by President Taylor, and a beach located south of it. Walking through the corridors of the fort, you may explore a treasure of weapons. The beach is best suitable for picnicking, fishing, paddling, and snorkeling.

The cultural state of Florida is abode to an endless chain of cultural and natural spots. First-time backpackers may plan itinerary to at least these highlighted ones.

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